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My dad took me and my brother here quite a few times when we were kids. Their milkshakes are the best. It was always when he would take us to work with him, so I remember it so fondly. Now my fiance and I share this experience and it has new meaning! I could not be more excited to see it right down the street from my new job!!! :D
       - Amanda

Nom, nom, nom. Can't stop eating Zesto's! Chubby Decker, the best. Fried chicken, the best. Butterscotch milkshake, the best. I eat here so much, I should buy stock in the company. As a matter of fact, I think I'll head there now. :)
       - Chel

My family and I visited Moreland Zesto on 1/28 to get dessert and everything was terrific. We ordered a banana split, peanut butter milkshake, chocolate sundae, chocolate ice cream in the waffle cone and of course, sweet tea. The cashier, Tracee Alexander, was kind and courteous as well as efficient in making our food products. I highly recommend this Zesto's and the staff.
       - Christine

I recently had the opportunity to visit Tyrone Burrito Brothers and was extremely pleased from the professional staff to the delicious food and I highly recommend it. I had the four piece chicken tenders(hand breaded), crispy fries and mouth watering slaw along with to die for onion rings. The store was quite busy but my food came quickly and piping hot and I was even greeted by the manager. Come and see for yourself!
       - Christine

Best ice cream.
       - Gilbert Gottfried

once I wanted zesto when I was at a party and got on the highway going in the wrong direction! We drove so long and ended up in KENNESAW!!?! We drove all the way back to buckhead and still got ice cream. Still worth every lick! Live in Maien now. WATERVILLE NEEEEEDS ZE$TO :)
       - Misunderstood Desperado

When I was a little girl growing up in the 50's, my Dad was playing for the Crackers and we lived right across the street at 551 Ponce de Leon. The former location was rather popular with me...especially the nut brown crown! Please tell me they still make them? I'm in CA now and there's just nothing like it out here!
       - Debbie Montag Galladora

I just turned 60 years old and grew up in Decatur, Georgia. The Zesto's at North Decatur and Clairmont was a favorite of mine and all the kids that went to Druid Hills High! Loved the Chubby Decker, Foot Longs, Broasted Chicken and of course, that ice cream, who could forget that ice cream and those shakes!!! Every now an then I get to slip down to Little Five Points or over to Piedmont to indulge in some of my childhood favorites!!
       - Dan McMillan

The chubby decker basket and a pineapple shake is my favorite scooby snack.
       - Hut Hut

Been going to zesto's since I was 11yrs old and always loved the food here! Just wish they would bring back the arcade machine back which I used to play all the time and always gotten the high score every time I played! The game name was galaga by the way,great memories I've had over the years coming to zesto's thanks for being apart of my childhood!!!
       - Chris Cobra

The ice cream is the first thing that had me hooked! Then I ventured to the chicken taco salad which is totally delicious ! The veggies are always fresh, and the salsa is so tasty. I just recently tried the chili dog and guess I have another addiction. I actually just devoured one! Great job Zesto in Tyrone!
       - Porsha

I used to live in the lindberg area and zestos was apart of my daily ritual. It became an addiction that I refused to give up. They have some of the best sandwitches and it always brightens my day
       - Lord Jaylin Willard

I've been eating at Zesto on Piedmont since 1959. I remember when it was at the corner of Piedmont and Lindbergh where the Exxon station is now.
My parents and I would go in on Saturday night and load up on fried shrimp and chicken and ice cream, then ride across the street in the Studebaker and watch the drive-in movies. I remember Fail-Safe, Dr. Strangelove, and the zany Jerry Lewis and Don Knotts movies of the period. I could never stay awake through the features, but I remember the concession stand food at the drive-in couldn't hold a candle to a foot long or a brown crown. A lot of things have changed, and some favorite menu items are gone, (some still available at the Forest Park location), but Zesto is still one of my favorite blasts from the past! Sixty-five more years!
       - Elkhounder

I am from South Jersey and Zestos has the best freaking ice cream in Georgia. Not that frozen yogurt crap these southerns like....but that real ice cream. I find my self driving an hour sometimes just for that ice cream. Makes me feel like I am back home eating me some ice cream from Mrs. Cindy's Custurd corner. You guys do an awesome job and the rainbow jimmies or sprinkles takes it home for me...I've been living here in Georgia since 2004 and got hip to ZESTOS about 9 months ago. The first time i had some i had to turn back around and go back and get me another vanilla cone with sprinkles on it. It was that good. I am so mad that I didnt know about them sooner. That could very well be a good thing. Try them they are great. Oh and I'm not even going to start on the fried chicken straight from the grease.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
       - LaToya

I have been a customer of Zestos for over 45 years, Great food , please open a Zestos in McDonough, Ga.
       - Joe Hammock

Our cashier Angela K. did a fantastic job. The chicken was great as usual
       - rebecca steele

I recently introduced my 2 year old Grandson to Zesto vanilla ice cream. His comment was "yum, good ice cream Papa". In my books this is the greatest testimony to date as it came from an unbiased source.
Thanks Zesto for making such good ice cream.
       - Tom Unverferth

I am 17 years old and Zestos has been in my life for my whole life. I am sooooo sorrowful that the Zestos on Ponce will be closing. IT is close to my school and the people are so nice. And OMG the food and the ice cream is bangin'! I'm gonna miss you Zestos! Don't forget me!!!!!! Mwahh :*
       - Kami

Everyone in my family grew up working for the family, Uncle John, Uncle Frank, Mr. Pete. my dad Gus, beautiful people. I Worked at Ponce and Piedmont Zesto. Livaditis are people who care, we will miss you Ponce.
       - Shawn Livaditis

I lived in Brookwood Hills and I would ride my bike down Peachtree in 1949 & 50 and clean up the parking lot for a butterscotch milk shake on Saturday I from "Big John", the owner---a great deal for everyone!!
       - Gene m

I was brought up just above the Zesto at Moreland and Confederate. It was a treat to be sent for the 6 for $1 Hotdog special on Mondays or the Hamburger special on Wednesday.I left East Atlanta after college and have lived in Savannah for 15 years but I stop by for a Chilidog and a Chiliburger every time I can get back.
       - David

The best of anything, anywhere.
       - Tony

I worked at the Zestos (long gone) on Peachtree (across from Broookwood station, walk up service only) for my grandfather in the early 70's. I loved Zestos. The ice cream was best... I remember learning to make Banana splits for customers. I don't often get to go these days and when I do, I can never decide what "memories" to order from the menu!
       - Jeff G

I used to go to the one on Moreland Ave. great food. they used to have a four foot long hot dogs special for a dollar. that was back in the early sixtys. their food is as good as it was back then
       - Jesse

Ate at east point zestos back in 7os. Great burgers onion rings fries. Wish there were some up chattanooga.
       - Mike

Zesto's on Ponce is top of the line, cream of the crop, best of the best, in food, dessert, drink, service, people, quality, quantity, all the above!! And, it just keeps getting better & better!! SSSSWWWWEEEETTTT!!
Happy, Happy Anniversary Zesto,s, for sixty five outstanding years. Looking forward to another sixty five amazing years!! Thanks much, much for You!! Rhea Hannah xoxo
       - Rhea Hannah

My 2 favorite things to eat from are foot longs and the steak sandwich with cheese. With tater tots and a coke of course!!! Moreland Ave. was the location I grew up on then we moved to Forest Park, abot 5 blocks from the Zesto's there. I even worked there as a teenager!!!!!

       - Diane D.


I grew up in Forest Park. As far back as I can remember Zestos was apart of my life. My grandmother worked there and also my mother. I'm now 30 years old and have moved away. I still miss those hot wings, chubby decker, and a nut brown crown.
       - Jason

I grew up with the Zestos in Little 5 Points. And my favorite was the foot long hot dog with cheese, chilli and slaw. It was the bomb, I now live in Western Nc. and would love to see a Zestos up here. Really miss that place.
       - Bonnie Perkins

I love Deloris at little five points zestos the food is great andd the atmosphere is great and Deloris helps make this possible
       - Lisa,

Zesto's on Ponce goes above & beyond the call of duty every time!! Everything on their menu is yyuummee for the tummy!! It doesn't get any better than that!! And, everyone is very, very friendly & personable!! I Love It, I Love It!! Thanks much, much for You!! xoxoxoxo
       - Rhea Hannah

When I travel on Moreland Ave. there are only two things that are the same from my youth. The Starlight Drive-In and Zesto. I love me some Zesto footlong hot dog. In the 1960's and 1970's Zestos were everywhere in Atlanta. Candler at Glenwood, East Point and Lakewood Heights to name a few. A few posters here wish there were a Zesto near them. Me too, but I'm glad we still have the ones we do.
       - Terry B.

Put a Zesto in Conyers. We have a lot of locations to choose from. It would be great!!!
       - Andrea

I visited Zesto today at the 5 Points location and the wings were crazy good and the fries...I WILL DEFINITELY BE RETURNING!!!
       - Dominique

We love Zesto! My family eats at the Piedmont location at least one a week. There is no better burrito (or guacamole or salsa) in Atlanta. Would you consider adding a veggie burger to the menu? Lots of vegetarians come for the meatless fresh Mex fare, but it would be nice to change it up once in a while.
       - Kristin

I tried Zesto's (last week in Feb. 2013)for the first and I loved it!!! Great price's to and thank goodness for the special's. PLEASE DONT CHANGE <3
       - Danni B.

My father took me for a milkshake when I was 3. I took my wife for a milkshake when I was 38. In a couple of years when my newborn is old enough, I'll take him. It's a family tradition! Thanks for sticking around.
       - Mike

The way a burger should be...real beef, piled high - real good.

I would love a Zesto's closer to Emory.
       - Terry

I love there hot wings with tater tots ... YUMMMMM!
       - Veronica

Zesto's Tyrone, to literally die for.
Chubby Decker, large fry, and a root beer float. That's the life down here.
       - Tyler

Your ice cream is the best. Soft ice cream, real ice cream, is awesome. Please put a Zestos in Conyers
       - Cynthia

I drive from NORCROSS to get some of that delightful ice cream and a ice cold coke. The chubby burgers are great too..and my grandmother (who is a picky eater) loves the burgers too!
       - TM

Zestos is delicious. I especially love the chicken tenders. They're my fave!
       - Brittany

Tuesday night 1966--2 footlongs (chili, slaw, and onions) for $1. As close to heaven as possible for this Tech erd.
       - Peter

Zestos is the best food i've had in a long time. I love hamburgers and once i tasted the fat boy...Oh boy i was in heaven, the secret sauce is the bomb and i will never go back to the B** M**!!!
       - EJ

Please put a Zesto at West Paces Ferry and Northside Pkwy... and put the tarragon chicken salad on the menu so we don't have to drive all the way to Ponce de Leon!
       - Leigh Ann

wish all the locations had the turkey burger.
But still the best malts anywhere.
Sonic's malts cant even compare.

       - man of linux

Hello, hope all is well. I have lived in Forest Park, Ga my entire life and three years ago we moved where we are like border line in Clayton and Fayetteville County. If we drove to Forest Park and then alllllll the way back home on the other side of town, by the time we get home our food would be cold. It would be so nice to have Zesto somewhere near Fayetteville. We miss eating at Zestos and want you guys so badly on our side of town. Have you guys thought about opening up in new locations? You guys have the best and biggest pancakes! There's an empty building that used to be a burger place that sits next to Picadillys on Highway 85 across from Krogers in Fayetteville, Ga. LOL, no, I'm serious. That location would be soooo awesome and close to us and people would flock to you guys because I know I would literally every pay period. By the way, I love your tater tots. Ok, I know I said crazy but I just wanted to say how much my family and I miss eating at Zestos and wishes that you guys would open up shop here in Fayetteville. Please think about it.


       - Sky Woods

I love Zesto's. Every Monday at the Zesto's on Confederate Ave I always get there 2 Piece All White Chicken basket and it's so good and on Thursday I always get there Steak Burger Basket. I especially love there Brown Crown turned over in a cup. OMG it's so good! Yummy!
       - Leslie

I grew up in Forest Park so Zesto's was a staple when we were kids, fun time with the family to go for ice cream or hotdogs. But now I am grown (and a lot older) and I work about 1 block from the Moreland Zesto's and just wanted to say they are the greatest!! The ladies there are great (helpful & friendly) and I see them at least once a week. This one is my favorite places for wings and hotdogs. Have had the wings at a different Zesto's and they are not quite as good. They do it right at the Moreland Zesto!! Thanks guys :)
       - Tasha Chancey

I did a lot of growing up in Forest Park and I remember my Grandmother taking me to Zesto's at Forest Pkwy and Old Dixie for the first time when I was about 5. I got a blueberry milkshake and was absolutely hooked. I'm 38 years old now and have never gotten anything else (ice cream wise) from y'all than the blueberry shakes! Silly I know, but that's what I love! That and THE best fried chicken in town.

Love to you all!
       - Cameron LaFoy

In the 80's and 90's, a bunch of us guys from the Delta G.O. used to go once or twice a week for lunch to the East Point store. 30 years later, still going to Zesto, but now to Tyrone. The Tuesday special is the footlong basket - it's to die for and puts the Varsity in 2nd place.
       - What a dog!!

Burgers, foot-longs, fish tacos, and Nut Brown Crown = Heaven on Earth!!! What a treat!!!
       - Janet Beerman

Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cmiong!
       - Githa

I grew up on Piedmont Avenue in the 1960's and my parents had already been eating your food. I grew up eating it and now that I am in California, I miss it a lot. After moving away from Atlanta, I actually once drove a 300 mile round trip just to get some! You are part of my childhood and I will always stop by when I am in the area for those luscious chiliburgers, fries, onion rings, and your fantastic vanilla ice cream with a hard chocolate shell. Thanks for the memories and the quality. Zesto is irreplaceable and cannot be duplicated. It is simply the best. We always went to the Piedmont Road shop across the way from what used to be called Broadview Plaza. Remember the drive in movie place that used to be across the street? It was later made into an Arlans grocery store until they went out. Zesto IS Atlanta to me.
       - Terri Lynn Merritts

I grew up eating zestos my father would take us on sat and get the special and go park on loop rd by the airport and watch planes take off and land that was the highlight of the week zestos and airplanes. hearing my fathers stories of zestos growing up he ate at them and played baseball for zestos and now i have taken my son there several times he loves it 3 generations of zestos lovers
       - Billy Dilbeck

Nothing beats a Chubby Decker. Nothing. Been enjoying the taste since the 70's when I was a kid. So glad the Piedmont Road location is back doing it right. I make the drive south to Atlanta just to eat there with my wife and kids now. It's become a tradition with us and that's cool since it started with my parents taking us there way back when. Thanks for the food and the memories!
       - Joel

this is my first meal from you guys and i must say this is the best fish sandwich i ever had. that means alot coming from louisiana where seafood is a way of life. i thank my wife for turning me on to it. thank you for the great meal. still licking my fingers!
       - kool black

Zestos in Tyrone never fails on the great food. ALMOST everyone is very friendly. Not much else I would ask for!
(Mr. Zesto asks: ALMOST everyone?)
       - Jamie

hook yourself up with the hot wings, ask for flats no problemo. nothing gives me my grease fix like a chubby decker basket with zesto's onion rings, yumm-o x 10. a blessing and a curse that they are only 2 blocks from the corner of the block to my house!
       - stoney

WOW! I grew up in Atlanta around Grant Park. Moved to NC haven't had an icecream cone rolled in nuts since I was 12! Can't wait to visit so my kids can try one and know what they are missing. Ate there every weekend, really miss the icecream. Lots of memories!!
       - Judy

Grew up in East Point. Ate there all the time and just about everyone in my family worked there including myself. I miss that one since it was sold and the name changed. Still has awesome country fried steak with fries and loads of gravy.
       - Yvonne

Bar None. The Best Turkey Burger I have ever eaten.
       - 'chele

great,great chilli dogs
       - tony

Friendly people, great food at a reasonable price, what more can you ask for...
       - Wanahton

The ladies at the Tyrone,Ga location are the best. I eat here twice a week and on Thursday, I can walk thu the door and they know what I want and it always fixed just right. My hats off to all that work there.
       - Bunny Scoggins, Sure Lock Self Storage

We used to have a Zesto in Bettendorf Iowa back in the fifties. We went there every Sunday after church and any other time we could talk our folks into it. I would give anything to have a store in our town again!!
       - Peggy

I was raised in Natchitoches(Nakatish)La. and we had a Zesto fron the 1950s until the early 1970s
and I have been craving the taste ever since.I will have to stop in Atlanta and see if it is still as good as I remember.
       - Good Time Charlie

The 1st meal I ate when I moved to Atlanta in '67 was a Zesto hotdog basket. Zesto was our after school,evening and weekend hangout in the early to mid 70's. The Piedmont rd location use to have a jukebox. I would bet that I have had 100's of ice cream cones and 100's of hotdogs from there down through the years. I miss those days.
       - Cat Cook

Way to keep tradition alive! If youre ever in Omaha,NE stop by the N 30th street location. Best in town! ~Owner & Operator
~Rick M
       - ZestOmaha

I grew up in Decatur. While I'm a fan of the Varsity, the foot long chili dog with slaw and onions is my favorite hot dog. We used to get 4 on a special for under $2.00 years ago. A foot long and a strawberry shake can't be beat!
       - Tom Lewis

I love love love Zesto's soft serve...twist perferrably! You just can't get anything better than this stuff, people!
       - Aria M.

I lived in Marosgo Apartments just behind Zesto on Piedmont Road, in 1957 and 1958. I was pregnant and craved Hot Fudge Sundays. I would walk there and order a Hot Fudge Sunday with lots of hot fudge and no whipped cream. They would make it for me, I assumed it was because I was pregnant. But I really enjoyed it. I can still taste it now and I'm 70 years old. Thanks Zesto
       - Maggie Crews

Very fantastic hotdogs - awesome chili
       - Aaron

Your wings are awesome!!! I love the honey bbq ones the best though.
       - Carlos R

       - Betty

Have'nt eaten at Zesto's since I was a kid in the 60's. Forgotten all about them ,till I was in Atlanta and saw one. Had lunch with my family who had never heard of Zesto's. If was great! Can't wait to get back to Atlanta amd eat there again..
       - janis

Zesto is and has always been my favorite ice cream. My older sister worked for the "queen" and even when that was free I still wouldn't want it the same way I wanted zesto.
       - lil Lincoln sunshine

I loved Zestos; Okay, I must confess it's been a while since I have been and I have moved to Covington and there is not one in my area, but back in the day I would go the the one on Candler Rd. I loved all the food, but I so loved the coffee milkshake; there was nothing like it. Like heaven on earth.
       - A. Thompson

I have been going to the Zesto in Forest Park since I was a little girl, I'm happy to say it's one of the few places that is as good now as it was then!!!
       - Suzy

Zestos rocks. I first had Zestos in South Carolina in 1984. Then, I moved to Fort Wayne, IN and was so happy to have 2 Zestos locations here. Now - my brother lives in Little 5 pointes in Atlanta and there is a Zestos there. Everywhere of importance to me, there is a Zestos. And good thing. Zestos is the BEST. Try a Razzle Chocolate ice cream with Black Raspberry. It is similar in taste to a famous chocolateur flavor here in Fort Wayne - DeBrands Chocolate. Check it out if you like that flavor. But most of the time I just get plain ol'vanilla. Yes, Indiana knows good food too. Especially Zestos.
       - Anna from Indiana

Ate there in Forest Park since I was little moved to Gainesville but still have to make the journey twice a year for a footlong the best onion rings in the world and a peach shake wow!
       - Jamie

I sure do miss those burgers and chicken snacks.
Grew up around the one on piedmont road. Also worked there 1981/82. What a great place. Good
people. The one on ponce de leon is very satisfying. Service good. It would be great to see one in smyrna georgia
       - Vickie

The food at Zesto is great. I ate at the one in Atlanta. Very good food. I also work at Zesto in West Columbia, S.C.
       - Seth

The food was AWESOME! The best burger I've ever had. You guys beat out Five Guys hands down. Oh, and the onion rings... they were the BOMB!!! My daughter said that the ice cream was like fluffy marshmallows in her mouth. Can you tell we really enjoyed the food?
       - Drummergurl

I moved to Atlanta in 2005 down off Highland Ave in VA Highlands with my wonderful girlfriend Katie. Passed up Zesto many, many times opting for other joints. We were on our way home from a night out early morning and finally decided to stop. Boy were we glad we did. Excellent chicken nachos with black beans. Now were addicts!
       - Matt

Growing up in Atlanta during the 50s the best hot dogs were at the Yellow jacket, the yELLOW jACKET HAS LONG BEEN GONE. bUT THE zESTO CHILI DOG IS EVERY BIT WHAT I REMEMBER THE yELLOW jAcket hot dogs to be. GREAT !!
       - Jimmy from Atlanta

You're ice cream is AMAZING. Im so glad you guys supply REAL ice cream not that fake stuff that Micky D's and THE QUEEN have. At Zesto, your for real. I went to the QUEEN a few weeks ago and they asked me if I wanted ice dream HA! Don't make me laugh!
       - Monica

Oh my God, your ice cream is the best but hey thats besides the subject what im here to talk about is how i wish you were open later cause every day i want ice cream real late. It makes me want to break stuff when i get hungry for ice cream and realize you aren't open.
       - Riley Nesbit

Their ice cream is awesome. We say "Zesto's is Bestos!" I can say I have never had better ice cream anywhere. Keep up the good work. 6/23/07
       - Captain Chris

i live in the conyers area.an i remember how good the footlongs were i drove to forest park store to get one. i took my son he had two but when i told him about zestos he replied whats a zestos. what iam getting at is if you open a new store i hope its conyers. thanks keep up the good work
       - jerry conner

Zesto has the best turkey burger in town, bar none! The first time I ate one it tasted so good I was worried that it might actually be hamburger because I don't eat beef. But, to my surprise it was just a good old, flame broiled turkey patty. I recommend it with cheese, tater tots and a Heck of a Job Brownie Arctic Swirl, also the best frozen treat in town!!
       - Kirk

I feel sorry for the misguided patrons going to the McDonalds next door to the Ponce location. I want to yell at them. Zesto's rules!
       - joe

We love Zesto!! It brings us good luck for competitions! The one on Ponce is out favorite! We love the ice cream!!!
       - Douglasville Cheer Stars

Being from North Decatur Zestos use to be a family treat in the Mid-70's until this very day. I live in Ewa Beach Hawaii now and wish we had a Zestos in the island of O'ahu. I think the local Hawaians would really embrace the good chow you guys make at Zestos. Mahalo
       - Jerome Carthan(SUBCOOK)

I just had the Clam Roll and it was so awesome! I also love the cole slaw.
       - Jill

Worlds best COFFEE BANANA SHAKE! When I lived at Peachtree/W. Peachtree split, I had one every morning. Delicious.

       - Michael

       - Tom

I love Zesto. I lived in Chattanooga Tn, and on my way to Atlanta I alway stop first at Zesto.
Its the best!
       - michele

i visited the forest park store. 10/06. I had the breakfast special, there was a black lady that waited on me. she was very polite and fast. the cooks were limited but my food was on time. I had a waffle and eggs and a piece of sausage.So after that visit, I visited agian and I got the same service. WOW, GETTING SERVICE LIKE THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING. Makes you feel kinda special. ya know. thanks yall
       - megan

I love the chicken baskets. Simply Superb!!!!!!
       - CeddyBear

An Atlanta tradition and delicious food! Great wings and awsome burgers, crinkle fries and ICE CREAM! Been a Zesto's customer for 35 years!
       - joejoe

Love it... always have. Food is cooked to order which means it's always fresh and hot. Ice cream is so refreshing and good all the time. No complaints from me. Keep it coming ZESTO, you make the south HOT.
       - Lori (Fresh Georgia Peach)

What would my life have been like without Zesto? I grew up just down the street from the old Lakewood Ave location in Atlanta, and I can remember MANY a Friday night where we feasted on Footlong Baskets, Chubby Deckers, and milkshakes. Eventually we moved out of Atlanta, and at some point that location closed. But I never forgot how much I loved the food. These days, any time I am in the Forest Park area I make it a point to indulge in 2 footlong chili dogs with ketchup and fries. Have tried the Burrito Bros. location in Tyrone and it is good, but there is NO substitute for the original Zesto. Sure wish you guys would expand to the Newnan area. Regardless, thanks for the great food for all of these years from a lifelong fan.
       - Jay

The foot long was a little Small...:)
       - Patrick

Zesto - I love your corndogs! Took down almost a dozen the last time I was there!!! emily
       - Emily Tyson

when i was a kid in the 60's in new orleans,la. we had a zesto around the corner from my house and every evening we would all go and meet at the zesto to eat burgers,fries, banana splits and whatever else we could eat. just recently i had the opportunity to come to atlanta and visit with a good friend of mine and when she brought me to eat at the zesto on ponce de leon in atlanta, WOW, i just had a fit!!!!!! i truly remember those gooooood ole days at the zesto around the corner. PLeasssssse bring one back to new orleans, louisiana again. thanks for the memories.
       - julie young

Zesto's in Buckhead was our school hangout during the 60's. What memories your website brings back. Still have dreams about those yummy footlong chili dogs.
       - Barbara

I only lived in Decatur for 1 year, but I ate at the Zesto on Ponce De Leon almost every Tuesday. They had the BEST footlongs ever. Have you considered opening a Zesto in Birmingham, AL?
       - Scott

zesto has the BEST dam wings in the south
sac,ca needs to know...
keep puttin it down like dat!!!!!!!!!
       - fat dave

I use to work at Zesto in the 60's back in my hometown Mitchell South Dakota. Someone mentions Zesto I can still taste the footlongs and smell that wonderful aroma!
       - Kevin

I work at a Zesto on Riverside in Evansville, In. I'm 35 & have been eating there my whole life! We have another Zesto here in town but its run by a different owner. Our owners are the best! They even give us T-shirts with Zesto on the front & the building on the back. They are so cool, everybody wants one! We have a similar menu, but I can't wait to come down & try yours. I really love your website! I had no idea there were so many Zesto's-but still not enough! I hope Zesto goes on forever!
       - Vanessa

Yeah, the language spoken at Confederate is indeed Greek. That cute brunette I was refering to is Greek, also. I think she's the owner's daughter. You've got to try the icecream.
       - Zesto Freak

I remember going to the Zestos on Peachtree across from the Brookwood Train Station. I would go to the AJCC and then come get a Nut Brown Crown with butterscotch dip. Why don't you have butterscotch anymore?
       - Steve

Love that old school atmosphere and the chilli dogs and fries...Great Fish fillets and brownie sundaes to boot! Nothin like stopping at Zesto's on Ponce after church on Sunday (TBC on Boulevard)
       - Roderick

i think the nut brown crown has some kind of drug in it..where can i get some..
       - flame

What language are those people speaking at Confederate? It doesn't sound like Spanish.
       - Hannah Barbra

I love Zesto! Each one is unique, and they are all in the city too! Stay in town and please don't move to "metro Atlanta!" The fish sandwich is the best!
       - Carol

       - PAULINE

I've been eating at the Zesto on Moreland and Confederate Avenue for 6 years. The footlong slaw dogs, onion rings and NBCs are my absolute favorite. Their icecream is THE BEST, especially when the cute brunette behind the counter makes it!
       - Zesto Freak

Never been to this Zesto...but I have been to the one in Mitchell, South Dakota!! What a great place! I am sure they are similiar.
       - Jason

I LOVE your burgers! when i went to Zesto i wanted something that was not really on the menu but they still gave it too me! Zesto rocks!
       - kelsey

This is the best food in town!!!
       - Bajah

Zesto's has the best food and great customer service. Heads up to the hard working employees.YOU ROCK!!!!!
       - Kim

Man i tell you my sister started going to the former zesto's at the corner of candler rd. and glenwood dr. got me started. It used to be the spot. The Chubby Decker w/bacon basket w/tater tots will get you hooked trust me!! The ice cream is great as usual. Try a peach/fruit punch mix drink you'll be surprised.
       - Sleepy J

I remember back in 1968 and 69 when I was a freshman in college. I would visit my boyfriend at Tech and we would get Zesto's chicken on Sundays when we were studying in the park. I've never had any chicken since that was that good. Yum!
       - Maggy

When I was a little girl, I never asked for McDonalds. It was always ZESTO's!!! After all these years, I still crave a chicken snack any time of the day. I could never work there... I'd get so fat.
       - Elisabeth G.

Zesto is yummy to my tummy!
       - Randy Crist

I'm pretty sure the banana shake is the best thing I have ever had in my life. If we get to pick our own heaven, mine will be filled with all the Zesto banana shakes I want!
       - E

Best Colen clenzen I ever had!
       - Steve W.

Chicken Gizzards ROCK! Long live the gizzard! The tastiest, best part of the chicken!
       - Izzy

       - BRENDA

I lived in Atlanta for 12 years in the 80's and 90's. I recently moved from Baltimore to San Francisco. I have lived in some great cities and tasted some amazing food, but I still get a craving for ZESTO'S delicious hot dogs, thick shakes and onion rings. Long Live Zesto's!
       - Kate Dana (Detwiler)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Zesto's Always will be my Favorite, just wish they were closer to a MARTA Rail Station Like they used too..(Frown)
       - JonBoi_Beaber

Food always wonderful, and Malaika provided me with EXCELLENT customer service!
       - Alan

Thanks for all the years and lb's. Stick around
       - DJ

       - candy

Your food is da s@#t!
       - Lil'John

You haven't lived until you've had a nut brown crown! The BEST!
       - Remi

       - EBONY

nothing is better than ZESTO
       - Jr.

Best strawberry shake in the world
       - Dontre

"Burrito Brothers" Thanks: Edgar,Dennis and Ken ........you are the best in service!
       - Corey

I wished you would open one in Peachtree City!
       - Clay

We love your Zesto Burgers!
       - Jimmy D

Your ice cream is the best! You guys rock!
       - Billy

Wow that was good!
       - Chuck