I love your Chubby Decker and shakes. Your food is always fresh and the staff is friendly. Thank you for keeping the quality excellent for all these years.

As an Atlanta native and someone who’s eaten here for nearly the last 20 years, I can say that Zesto is a staple of our city. Iconic!!!
Sky Swift

Eating your Choco-Cherry arctic swirl ruined regular ice cream for me. The shards of cherry dip and chocolate morsels truly delite. And my wife loves getting her ice cream with your nut brown crown. Much Love!

My parents introduced me to Zesto’s when I was a little girl. I have loved the ice cream for over 25 years. I miss the locations on Ponce De Leon Ave and at the corner of Glenwood Drive and Candler Road. I can have a burger or fries or ice cream cone or a small fry or a cup of ice cream anytime. Thanks for being a part of my life for so many years. I have been to all the locations, just not the one in Tyrone, GA.

I am 72 years old and have been a Zesto customer since at least 1959. I have been to all of them in the metro Atlanta area except the location in Tyrone, being I worked service routes all around the area. Three I have visited are no longer in business and are missed -one in Lakewood Heights, East Point, and of course Ponce de Leon. The food is all top notch and the taste is consistent in each of the restaurants. Thank y’all for making Atlanta one of your main cities you have locations in.
Gordon Maxson

I didn’t grow up here in Atlanta, but a friend has been here for 28 years. He introduced me to Zestos, I love the Chubby Decker and the banana split.

Zesto’s in Forest Park is a staple for my family. Have been enjoying their food since 1978 at age 12 , when my mom introduced me to their delicious food! I’ve tried most things on their menu & enjoy the daily specials! Broasted Chicken, Foot Long Chili Slaw Dogs, Banana Splits with Wet Nuts, and before Coca Cola had it…Zesto’s Cherry Coke!!!! It’s now a favorite for my grown kids. Three Generations!!! ❤️❤️❤️

A long-time favorite. I remember before the Piedmont location moved to its current location, about a half-block north of its original location which was at the corner where the Lindbergh Texaco (formerly Exxon) station now stands. I was a toddler when my parents moved to the neighborhood, and it was not long before we discovered the wonders of the soft-serve ice cream and foot-long dogs, the delicious fried chicken (even the livers were great!), and the towering majesty of the Chubby Decker. The menu also included sandwich favorites such as the BLT, and shrimp and other seafood baskets, and other specialties. The Brown Crown was always a treat, and the almost unlimited variety of shakes and malts made every visit an adventure. Some of the old favorites are now gone from the Piedmont location’s menu, but still available at the Forest Park location. Some new treats have been added. The location at Pershing Point and more recently at Ponce de Leon have closed. The East Point store has gone independent (such is the nature of the business). I have seen the family members at the Piedmont location grow from up-and-coming go-getters to capable and enthusiastic managers, and into retirement. I feel like Zesto is a family member, a reliable cousin who is always there when I need them, a good friend. I’m glad they are there!
Winston Elston

I remember going to Zestos as a kid growing up in Little Five Points. and as I would come home while in the army. Which I’m glad to say still serving with our great nation. Thank you Zestos Little Five Points. And thank you for supporting BASS HIGH SCHOOL, my school class of ’79.
Mike Wade

I met my future wife as Zesto’s. I’ve been eating there since that crazy moment😬

Zestos is a true Atlanta Icon and one of my favorite places to eat with some of the best Ice Cream anywhere !
Corky Willis

As a man now in is eighties I have always associated Zesto’s with quality.  Your long business history is proof positive of this!  My best wishes for your continued success!
Gordon Sutton

Stopped in at Zesto Confederate. Jimmy and his staff are amazing! The best Turkey Burger in the entire world! Long live Zesto!!!
John Campbell

My family and I visited Moreland Zesto on 1/28 to get dessert and everything was terrific. We ordered a banana split, peanut butter milkshake, chocolate sundae, chocolate ice cream in the waffle cone and of course, sweet tea. The cashier, Tracee Alexander, was kind and courteous as well as efficient in making our food products. I highly recommend this Zesto’s and the staff.

Zesto Piedmont: Awesome job on creation of the Chubbiest Decker! Please keep it on the menu! #LoveZesto!

My dad took me and my brother here quite a few times when we were kids. Their milkshakes are the best. It was always when he would take us to work with him, so I remember it so fondly. Now my fiance and I share this experience and it has new meaning! I could not be more excited to see it right down the street from my new job!!! 😀
– Amanda

Nom, nom, nom. Can’t stop eating Zesto’s! Chubby Decker, the best. Fried chicken, the best. Butterscotch milkshake, the best. I eat here so much, I should buy stock in the company. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll head there now. 🙂

I just turned 60 years old and grew up in Decatur, Georgia. The Zesto’s at North Decatur and Clairmont was a favorite of mine and all the kids that went to Druid Hills High! Loved the Chubby Decker, Foot Longs, Broasted Chicken and of course, that ice cream, who could forget that ice cream and those shakes!!! Every now an then I get to slip down to Little Five Points or over to Piedmont to indulge in some of my childhood favorites!!
Dan McMillan

I worked at the Zestos (long gone) on Peachtree (across from Broookwood station, walk up service only) for my grandfather in the early 70’s. I loved Zestos. The ice cream was best… I remember learning to make Banana splits for customers. I don’t often get to go these days and when I do, I can never decide what “memories” to order from the menu!
Jeff G

I used to go to the one on Moreland Ave. great food. they used to have a four foot long hot dogs special for a dollar. that was back in the early sixtys. their food is as good as it was back then

My father took me for a milkshake when I was 3. I took my wife for a milkshake when I was 38. In a couple of years when my newborn is old enough, I’ll take him. It’s a family tradition! Thanks for sticking around.

I drive from NORCROSS to get some of that delightful ice cream and a ice cold coke. The chubby burgers are great too..and my grandmother (who is a picky eater) loves the burgers too!

I love Zesto’s. Every Monday at the Zesto’s on Confederate Ave I always get there 2 Piece All White Chicken basket and it’s so good and on Thursday I always get there Steak Burger Basket. I especially love there Brown Crown turned over in a cup. OMG it’s so good! Yummy!

I did a lot of growing up in Forest Park and I remember my Grandmother taking me to Zesto’s at Forest Pkwy and Old Dixie for the first time when I was about 5. I got a blueberry milkshake and was absolutely hooked. I’m 38 years old now and have never gotten anything else (ice cream wise) from y’all than the blueberry shakes! Silly I know, but that’s what I love! That and THE best fried chicken in town.

Love to you all!
Cameron LaFoy

I grew up on Piedmont Avenue in the 1960’s and my parents had already been eating your food. I grew up eating it and now that I am in California, I miss it a lot. After moving away from Atlanta, I actually once drove a 300 mile round trip just to get some! You are part of my childhood and I will always stop by when I am in the area for those luscious chiliburgers, fries, onion rings, and your fantastic vanilla ice cream with a hard chocolate shell. Thanks for the memories and the quality. Zesto is irreplaceable and cannot be duplicated. It is simply the best. We always went to the Piedmont Road shop across the way from what used to be called Broadview Plaza. Remember the drive in movie place that used to be across the street? It was later made into an Arlans grocery store until they went out. Zesto IS Atlanta to me.
Terri Lynn Merritts

this is my first meal from you guys and i must say this is the best fish sandwich i ever had. that means alot coming from louisiana where seafood is a way of life. i thank my wife for turning me on to it. thank you for the great meal. still licking my fingers!
Kool Black

Bar None. The Best Turkey Burger I have ever eaten.

great,great chilli dogs

Friendly people, great food at a reasonable price, what more can you ask for…

I love love love Zesto’s soft serve…twist perferrably! You just can’t get anything better than this stuff, people!
Aria M.

I have been going to the Zesto in Forest Park since I was a little girl, I’m happy to say it’s one of the few places that is as good now as it was then!!!
– Suzy

An Atlanta tradition and delicious food! Great wings and awsome burgers, crinkle fries and ICE CREAM! Been a Zesto’s customer for 35 years!

Love it… always have. Food is cooked to order which means it’s always fresh and hot. Ice cream is so refreshing and good all the time. No complaints from me. Keep it coming ZESTO, you make the south HOT.
– Lori (Fresh Georgia Peach)

This is the best food in town!!!

I’m pretty sure the banana shake is the best thing I have ever had in my life. If we get to pick our own heaven, mine will be filled with all the Zesto banana shakes I want!

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a nut brown crown! The BEST!

I recently introduced my 2 year old Grandson to Zesto vanilla ice cream. His comment was “yum, good ice cream Papa”. In my books this is the greatest testimony to date as it came from an unbiased source.
Thanks Zesto for making such good ice cream.
Tom Unverferth

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